Svetlana Frolova
Welcome Letter!

Hello! Welcome to the fun page! This is my blog about Kidzarium, education and Cyprus lifestyle! Dive in and enjoy the swim!

My Journey...
Hello! My name is Svetlana, I am the creator and CEO of Kidzarium - centre of professional education, financial literacy and business studies.

I was born and grew up with two elder brothers in the Moscow suburb in the small but beloved picturesque town of Schodnya - the ancient trade path where merchants met on their journey by the river Schondya. My childhood was very happy and secure, I was provided valuable upbringing by the most wonderful parents. It was a hardworking and interesting childhood experience full of studies, development, creativity and travel.

At the age of 15 I have left my home town to receive my education abroad. I had been studying in the foreign Boarding Secondary School different sciences and improving my English language and social skills on the dreamy island of Malta where I have spent half a year and finished my Secondary Education. After Malta I have passed numerous exams and moved to Finland where I were studying for my Bachelor Degree at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences on the faculty of International Business. I love both countries, as they have presented me with so much unforgettable diverse experiences during which I met a lot of good friends that stayed with me for a life time.

During my youth I have travelled to Italy, Croatia, Malta, Finland, France and Sweden. As my current location I have chosen stunning Cyprus island for its beautiful family culture, warm hearted people, excellent weather, high level of society development, great entrepreneurship opportunities and vastly growing interest in technological and business development.

I strongly believe in a modern approach to continues self-development when vigorous people lay successful road for realisation of their dreams and capabilities. Being the ambassador of self-education I continue my studies in broad spectrum of entrepreneurship which is the subject of my interest for 24 years.

Since I was 10 years old, watching my father building his Company from scratch, I was led by example and have been dreaming to become successful entrepreneur. At the age of 30 when I already have had a 8 year old child and have obtained 7 years of corporate experience in the position of Financial and Administrative Manager in the International Fund company, I became strongly driven to the idea of creating my own start up. During the full working days I have spent my nights reading about the subject of additional passive income, online education and marketing because I needed to transfer hugely accumulated creative energy inside me into something real. I needed self realization and I could no loner deny that missing part of my life.

During the next three years I started doing everything that I wanted but couldn't afford earlier while I was occupied on a full time office job. I even won the silver medal in Cyprus Masters swimming competition, started exercising gymnastics regularly and dived into the new life full of interesting opportunities. I have been reading everyday, studying on numerous professional and development courses and gained enough knowledge to open my own startup.

All my life inclinations and desires met in one idea - working with youth and inspiring people to learn about this wonderful world that I experiences since I have left my office job. I have created KIDZARIUM with a strong believe that our children should have more options for professional advancement after their university graduation than just an employment. I inspire students to learn, understand and love business. I lead my students to become their own aspiring bosses - happy, creative, prosperous and free.

Kids are always hungry for life, learning, experiences, travel, joy and happiness!
By their true young nature they are ready to achieve. When we will surround our kids with uplifting, positive, nourishing supporters and teachers, I am confident, that with motivation, dedication and hard work, we will help them to blossom threw creativity and accomplishments of goals. This is how they can make all their dreams a reality!

Svetlana Frolova