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We introduce you the broad range of business and marketing material which you can choose to study either via webinars, individual coaching sessions, in small student groups or in an interactive cooperation with your children, offline or online.

We have created innovative visual and unique content material for personal and group studies.

Give your child a chance to become a leader!
Reveal ambitious, talented and creative side!
Dare to dream, believe and achieve success!
All that you wish and feel is real.
Listen to your intuition and dream!
Youth Business Education
Nowadays increased number of children wants to be active social leaders, some kids are just interested to earn money young, the others - already do!
How do they make it?! Do you want to know?

We can teach your children modern methods and business techniques to learn how to earn money. Majority kids lack the fundamental knowledge of personal discipline, financial and business knowledge and skills. For most of them it can take 20 years of studies before they will finally be able to find their dream job or to start their own business.

All kids have wishes and desires to become successful. Their creative open minds have inspired us to develop an interesting, comprehensive and skillful business online course!

We want to motivate, teach and guide kids on their exciting road to fruitful realization of their dreams! Together we will spend this interesting study time productively and successfully!

You can follow through this course together with your children to considerably speed up their personal and business development processes. Kids will learn to think, speak and act like leaders. You will be able to join and study the course together to help your child!

Join us today to boost the confidence of your child through knowledge development!
Programs for Kids
Discipline and Goals
Our basic and most challenging course.
Developing millionaires habits of discipline from an early age. Examples on how self discipline will lead you to successful organization of all the areas in your life. Goal setting. Applying and managing effective self organizational skills.
Skills and Talents
This program focuses on realizing talents of your children, evaluates and develops their personal skills. We encourage children to participate in discussions and in students groups' interactive games to uncover their unique individualities. We apply universal systems to find professional inclinations.
Budget and Finance
Budgeting and Personal Finance course allows your child to understand the fundamentals of finance, learn techniques and programs to careful budgeting. Kids will learn opportunities and advantages of using advance personal finance system.
Application and control of financial life.
Programs for Teenagers
Business Idea
Connect to yourself, understand your needs, realize your dreams, remember your wishes, develop your strong skills, find your talents, make the market research, focus on your target audience, choose or create strong business ideas, decide on your business role and vision.
Project Building
Business idea realisation and operation.
Business Strategy and Administration. CRM and HR systems. Legal Policies.
Financial numbers, tables and accounting.
Learn business essentials through setting project goals, deadlines and operation control. Practical workshops.
Marketing Strategy
Online and offline strategies explained.
Competitors' analysis. Sales and offers.
Clients' profile. Customer satisfaction.
Marketing techniques. Story telling.
Content creation. SMM. Targeting.
Social Media and E-mail Listing.
Business brand development.

Learn. Motivate. Create!
Course Coming Soon: Spending quality time with your kids!
Choose from our service plans...
Personal Consultation
Individual personalised coaching session. Increase productivity with our individual meetings. This is a VIP approach to your personal and business needs. We provide relevant information, suggesting study materials and books. We provide thorough consultations at a reasonable price.
Monthly Subscription
Our monthly subscription allows you to be in contact with us on a daily basis from 9:00 to 16:00 via social media messenger. This way we can assist you and answer your questions as soon as you need it. Payment is made at the beginning of each month and is renewed automatically.
Personal Brand Development via
Social Media. Individual growth strategy. Communication, speech and presentation techniques. Growing leadership behaviour and subject expertise. Entering business society - conferences and workshops.
Study materials, books and leaflets.

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